Give your paper a lift

We take your printed or plain paper and add the texture

  1. You print your design onto your paper or board
  2. Select your texture from our embossing range
  3. See your paper or board come to life

We emboss your paper and board

Creating that bespoke embossed finish to your design is easy with Spinks Embossers. You choose your material that gives the best design and print characteristics, and let us add the texture to create the perfect result. You have unlimited creativity with over seventeen embossing designs that can be applied to; matt, gloss or uncoated paper and board, printed, film laminated, UV varnished or plain material. Any colour, any size. This means you don't have to compromise on quality or creativity compared to the limitations when printing straight onto certain ‘creative embossed papers’.

Embossing after printing also eliminates some of the problems associated with stock embossed papers such as bottoming out the print, dot gain, scuffing and print registration. Some of our embossings are two sided which means text papers look great on both sides of the sheet.

If you would like to see the difference a Spinks embossing can make to your next job please contact us and we will be happy to proof sheets free of charge.

Preparing your printed designs for embossing

  • Printed material needs to be completely dry. If sheets are sealed in-line the ink will take longer to oxidise and dry completely. Some uncoated materials can take a long time to dry. Laminated or UV varnished materials needs to be fully cured. Your finisher will be able to tell you how long the adhesive or varnish takes to completely dry or cure.
  • Unprinted paper and laminated paper should be protected with stretch wrap or parcel wrapped to prevent waviness.
  • Patterns such as Ridge, Pinstripe, and Cord can run in either direction of the sheet within certain size parameters.
  • Embossing pressures can be varied unless proofed or otherwise specified we will match to the pattern depth of the samples in our booklet.
  • The maximum sheet or reel width we can handle on most finishes is 800mm.* There is no restriction on the length of the sheet. If you are printing onto the deeper embossings we recommend a print test, our free proofing service is available for this.

*All quotations, advice and undertakings are given subject to materials suitability. Our standard terms and conditions of trade are available upon request.